Kel-Tec sub2000 (gen 1) 9mm $974.95

Serial Number:e8nxx
· Sub2000 (Gen 1) 9mm Lugar, Glock Version · Aftermarket enhancements: § Red Lion Precision R7 front site § M*Carbo aluminum trigger & guard § M*Carbo stainless steel feed ramp, polished § M*Carbo skeletonized charging handle § Tandemkross bolt tube rubber sleeve § Tandemkross single point sling mount § Tandemkross single point bungee sling § Tandemkross S2000 stainless screws § Hogue grip · TEN (10) Genuine Glock MA-compliant magazines (light to no usage) · Glock magazine loader · Front site adjustment tool · Pelican 1485 case with combo lock and unused shoulder strap

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